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Why study the Italian language?

The Italian language is the fourth most studied in the world!

Around 85 million people around the world speak Italian as their native or second language.

These include not only Italian citizens, but also people in other countries who have learned Italian as a second language.

Furthermore, there are also people of Italian descent all over the world who speak Italian as a family language.

The Italian language can help you in your career!

Studying the Italian language can also have important professional benefits. Italy is one of Europe’s largest economies and offers many job opportunities in different sectors, including tourism, art, culture, design and fashion.

Learning Italian can therefore increase your career possibilities, opening the doors to a wide range of job opportunities.

People want to learn the Italian language!

Italy is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world. Its history, art, fashion, cuisine and music have fascinated and inspired people around the world for centuries.

This cultural and artistic richness has been exported throughout the world through art, literature, cinema and music, making Italian a highly sought-after language for those who want to study and better understand Italian culture.

Do you want it too?

Why study the Italian language online?

Our courses

BASIC Italian language course

The lessons are aimed at learning the Italian language in oral and written communication.

Italian language course EXAM PREPARATION

The lessons are focused on the specific objective of passing an official exam that certifies the student's linguistic skills.

Italian language course CONVERSATION

Lessons suitable for those who want to achieve results in understanding, dialogue and pronunciation in a short time.

Special Italian language course “TRIP TO ITALY”

Package of 10 lessons for those who are about to travel to Italy and want to be able to communicate in basic situations.

Italian language course "GROUP" 2-5 people

Lessons aimed at learning the Italian language in oral and written communication, in everyday situations or in specific contexts with insights into Italian civilization, in a small group of 2/5 people.

Our method of teaching the Italian language

We use unique teaching methods

Our courses have been designed to develop the four fundamental language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing. Throughout the course, we will use a variety of resources to make learning fun, engaging and challenging.

  • Oral comprehension of the Italian language
  • comprehension of the written Italian language
  • To speak Italian
  • Write in Italian
  • Preparation for official exams
  • Conversation in Italian
  • Your trip to Italy and the Italian language

Are you thinking about a trip to Italy? We have an idea for you!

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