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Our method of teaching the Italian language

Our courses have been designed to develop the four fundamental language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing. Throughout the course, we will use a variety of resources to make learning fun, engaging and challenging.

We will listen to authentic dialogues, recordings of conversations and short speeches. We will also use audiovisual materials, such as films and clips, to train your ear in spoken Italian in real contexts.

Through listening exercises and discussions, you will develop the ability to understand the Italian language when it is spoken naturally and quickly.

We will use textbooks, literary passages, newspaper extracts and information texts. You will learn to read and understand the meaning of different types of texts, improving your skills in Italian vocabulary and grammar.
We will also tackle reading comprehension exercises that will help you strengthen your ability to interpret and analyze texts.

We will work on your conversation and pronunciation skills. Through interactive activities, such as role-playing and pair dialogues, you will have the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

You will improve your fluency in expressing yourself in Italian, enriching your vocabulary and learning common idioms and expressions.

You will also receive detailed feedback to improve your pronunciation and appropriate use of the Italian language.

You will write short essays, emails, reviews and more, practicing correct grammatical structure and use of vocabulary.

Furthermore, we will use Italian songs as a source of inspiration to improve your ability to write in a creative and engaging way.

This course is designed to help you better prepare for the official Italian exams

  • CILS
  • CELI
  • AIL

During the course, we will regularly go through exam simulation exercises, so that you feel comfortable with the format and typical questions of official exams. We will also provide you with advice and strategies to best manage the time available to you during rehearsals.

Imagine being able to learn Italian from teachers who live and breathe Italian culture every day!

You will have the opportunity to listen to authentic stories about traditions, cuisine, art and daily life in Italy directly from those who live these experiences firsthand.

You will have the opportunity to practice authentic Italian, learning colloquial expressions, idioms and linguistic nuances that only those living in Italy can share.

Our teachers will not only help you develop your language skills, but will also be guides to discover the authentic Italian lifestyle.

Gli italiani sono noti per essere estremamente accoglienti con i visitatori stranieri! A basic knowledge of the Italian language will only make your trip even more fun!

A basic knowledge of the Italian language will only make your trip even more fun! Knowing these basics will allow you to break language barriers and create lasting connections with the people you meet on your trip.

Our courses aim to provide you with a complete learning experience, combining traditional resources, such as textbooks, with multimedia materials such as films and songs and to immerse you in Italian culture, discover hidden stories and places and create authentic connections with the people who encounters along the way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Italian language courses and taking you on an exciting journey towards becoming fluent in Italian!

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