Who I am

Here I am, ready for this new adventure, but first a bit of a more... formal presentation.

My name is Elisabetta, I have thirty years of experience in the theater field, where, in addition to working as an actress, I teach diction of the Italian language to professional actors and to those who, despite working in other fields, have the desire and need to speak better. and with greater self-confidence.

In 2013 I obtained the DITALS certificate issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena for teaching the Italian language (L2) and I also embarked on this new career.

Since then I have been giving private lessons in person and online to individuals and small groups.

The lessons are based on the use of written and oral texts, videos, songs, Italian films, taking into account the interests of the students and drawing on Italy’s immense historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

As an actress and art and history enthusiast, I can offer a unique and special point of view, enriching lessons with an artistic and historical perspective that will make learning even more engaging and stimulating.

My aim is not only to increase the student’s linguistic skills, but above all to introduce him to the Italian civilization which has so much fascination on human beings all over the world.



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